10 Perks of Working Life in Malaysia and Why You'll Never Leave


Why would you not choose to work in an emerging market where opportunity for growth is remarkable? If you’re into the business of making a difference, it is this region in the coming decades that you’ll experience a lot of action taking place!


Working life? Lunch time? Say goodbye to rushing to Sainsbury’s for meal deals! In Malaysia our mega hawker centres have all cuisines in one place for a bargain. Imagine it’s a hot sunny day, and you’re stuck inside the office – nothing better than a lovely bowl of curry mee with some refreshing limau ais for lunch! Paradise!!!


If you’re one of those people (you know who you are) who’s constantly worried about job varieties in Malaysia, well TAKE A CHILL PILL. All the big boys in every industry have swanky offices in KL, and throughout Malaysia too. BCG, Shell, Intel, PwC, Toyota, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Citibank and many more! (Come to Corporate Luncheon to kickstart your career in some of these companies. Shameless GC self-promotion right here.)


Winding down during the weekend after a long week of hectic work – we know the best places to be for this. Need new jeans? Want to get that NY Times’ bestseller novel? Play some pool? Get ice cream and waffles with your friends? Oh and maybe overdo it with a movie (for a price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, even without student discount)? Worry not. One of our gazillion shopping malls all over Malaysia will have you covered – you’ll be able to do just that without having to walk for ages up and down a high street covered from head to toe clothing just to stay warm! (The indoor air-condition’s got you, bro.)


You and your mates are hungry, and it’s 3am. But you guys just can’t stomach the idea of another burger. JUST CAN’T. Well in Malaysia everything’s opened past midnight, perfect for late nights at work. JOM MAMAK!! “Aney satu roti canai banjir & milo kau pls!!” (All hail Lord Bestari).


Got a budding business idea and want to see it grow into the next big thing? Malaysia is just the place to be for this! We are the country ranked 14th in the world for ease of doing business and top 30 in the world for access to credit. Still in doubt? Look up any new fad in the country and almost always, it has a young entrepreneur as its initiator!! (You can be the new Mark Zuckerberg of Malaysia!!!)


Working back home in Malaysia: NO VISA PROBLEMS! (Ugh, this is the bane of all our lives.) Also, no high income taxes. There is increasing demand for Malaysian graduates from universities abroad – as demonstrated by initiatives like GC’s Corporate Luncheon. (Shameless self-promotion #2.) There is no need for second thoughts. Send in those packed CVs whilst you’re still busy studying, and your prospects will be nothing short of great!


Isn’t it depressing having to wait until Christmas and New Years to feel festive in the UK? B-O-R-I-N-G. CNY!!!! Deepavali!!!! Hari Raya!!! YAYYYYYY!!! (Getting overexcited, calming ourselves down. We’re still in the UK, for now.) Not only do we fill our pockets we fill our bellies well too with everything from Murrukku to Cendol on these special occasions. Malaysia’s collective celebration of the different cultures make us one of the most diverse nations in the world. You will never have boring colleagues at work.


Working in your home country means no ridiculous rent issues, no council taxes, mom’s cooking and family to fill your heart with warmth and love after stressful days at work. Not to mention the numerous friends you can count on when you need a favour!! (Where’s your squad at????)

Oh and you will never have to worry about working too much! Malaysia has the 7th highest number of public holidays worldwide!!! (Just don’t tell your PwC boss that…Of course, we all WANT to be overworked…right…)


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is an executive in the International Initiatives office.


Tashvin is crazy about fitness and describes himself as a life long learner. He's currently studying at UCL and aims to be a consultant in the future.


is the Director of International Initiatives.


She enjoys graphic design, live music and constantly thinks about interplanetary and interstellar travel.

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