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Grand Prize : Chatter

Yong Zhen Foo

First Runner-Up: Siege The Fridge

Jessie Tan, Isaac Tan, Ng Shyue Jer 

Second Runner-Up : MegaHive

Choo Soo May , Lim Yu Han

The Theme: Student Starter Pack


  • The theme to this year’s competition will be “Student Starter Pack”. We face many challenges as students, from deciding which restaurant to eat at:

  • (Especially true if you have a specific diet i.e. halal, kosher, vegetarian), to choosing between the many modes of transportation. Other questions that would arise are, “which banking provider to use?” “Which Telco to subscribe to”, managing your budget and many more. It would’ve been of great help, to us ill informed students, if there were an app in the market, which could cater to thes things, all within one application.


Rules and Guidelines of the Competition

  • This competition is a “concept based” one, hence there is no need to develop an actual product/prototype.

  • Competition is open to all students from various degree backgrounds.

  • Open for individual and team participants. Teams are limited to THREE people and MANDATORY for all members to be Malaysian.

  • Participants are to use the approach of a business proposal for this competition. That entails:

  • Proposing a new idea for an Application Software in the template provided

  • Proposal limited to FOUR pages

  • Important Reminder: Whilst participants work on the business proposal, they need also start preparing a marketing strategy




  • The competition consists of two rounds, following the timeline provided. Important dates to note:

  • 13th February 2015: The official commencement of Competition

  • 6th March 2015: Competition officially closes and the first stage of elimination process takes place. The top three teams will be chosen to present their ideas during Corporate Luncheon. The teams will be linked with a mentor from one of our event partners (PwC & Startup Street). They will be advise on how best to devise a business plan that will be presented during the CL.

  • 25th March 2015: Opportunity for teams to meet with their respective mentors to go over their presentation before the Corporate Luncheon.

  • 28th March 2015: Corporate Luncheon; where the teams are to present their ideas to corporate leaders and students at large. The teams stand a chance to win monetary prizes and internship opportunities with our event partners.



  • Participants need to have registered online on the registration form provided (Using Google Docs) to be eligible for the competition.

  • A second submission form will be provided closer to the closing date of the competition for participants to upload and submit their work. In which participants need to upload their proposals as well as provide a brief 200-word summary of their work.

  • Three finalists (Individual and Team participants) will be selected for the final round during corporate luncheon. Leading up to this, participants will need to market their idea using GenCorporate’s Facebook page to gauge the interest and feedback of the public.

  • The assessment of participants work during the elimination round will be solely undertaken by our event partners/sponsors. On the day of Corporate Luncheon, the finalists will be judged and assessed by the corporate leaders present, as well as the event partners/sponsors.


Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on the following criteria:


  • Quality

  • Innovation

  • Presentation

  • The key features of the mobile app concept offer an appropriate solution to the identified need or problem

  • Originality

  • Business proposal

  • Feasibility

For enquiries please email

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