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Do What You Can't with Samsung

Pushing your own boundaries and challenging yourself is an essential part of growth and improvement, and that’s what this event with Samsung was all about! After an inspiring talk given by Mr Chen Fong Tuan, HR Director at Samsung Malaysia, our participants showed off their own skills in a surprise impromptu talent show! We saw everything - from singing, piano and guitars to self-defense lessons and a live Dungeons & Dragons experience! The most memorable talent that night was Genevieve Law - a member of our GC Malaysia chapter, who performed a poem recited by heart. She was picked as the winner of the talent show, and is now Samsung Malaysia’s very first student ambassador! Special thanks to our GC directors who ran the event smoothly and successfully - as well as Mr Tze Yuh Shu and Ms Sandra Hui Yong from Samsung Malaysia.

Photos from Events

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