Jumpstart Your Career with BMS was held on the 3rd November 2018 at Coventry University London. GenCorporate worked together with AMEU and BMS to host this event whose aim was to provide attendees the knowledge to succeed in building their CV’s and interview skills.


The event had three presentations and two panel discussions, with speakers that came from a wide background, ranging from solicitors, consultants, accountants and even CEOs. Each gave their own perspective of their background of how their life led to their current position and they provided the tips and tricks that they believe will enable others to follow in their footsteps and also engaged in an enjoyable discussion of employability that was entertaining to all those that attended. The day ended with a networking session with the speakers and participants, with light Malaysian snacks provided by BMS.

Group photo of the guest speakers and the participants

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Generation Corporate (GenCorporate) is a student organisation that aims to represent aspiring young professionals who are currently pursuing their tertiary education in the United Kingdom. 


GenCorporate’s main objective is to build a network of young professionals through various informative and social events, which are beneficial to its members.

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