It has been an eventful term for all of us here at GenCorporate. We started off by expanding the size of our team with the appointment of our new Executives. Before long, we were working as a team, organizing events such as An Evening with BCG and the launch of our Speaker Series. The GenCorporate team would  like to thank everyone who participated in our events, and we wish you a relaxing, stress-free term break before the next academic term starts. Look forward to seeing more of you at the packed schedule of events we have lined up for you next term!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!

1. Introducing The Team

Central Committee of 2015/2016

From left to right: Kai Hong, Ashley, Vishnu, Piek Qian, Alysha, Fiona, Adrien, Mohsin

Meet the Deputy Chairmen's office, they oversee almost everything from exploring new projects and collaborating to ensuring the success of our events.

From left to right: Keong Wei, Alysha, Vishnu, Yafik

Introducing our Finance Office which consists of detail oriented individuals responsible in managing GenCorporate's finance.

From left to right: Keeshendra, Isabella, Mohsin

These are our lovely ladies from the Legal & Secretariat Office. They are responsible for the day-to-day documentation and communication within the GenCorporate team.

From left to right: Sha Lin, Sue Yee, Fiona, Anneka

Introducing the International Initiatives Office responsible for initiating strategic external relationships and engaging with corporates to ensure the success of GenCorporate’s events.

From left to right: Tashvin, Ashley, Adilah, Winston

Meet our Public Relations Office, the friendly faces who work hard to increase GenCorporate's outreach through various platforms like our social media, promote our events and engage with many of your interests in our organisation.

From left to right: Ebrahim, Dhaniah, Adrien, Amirah, Ryan

Say hi to the branding team, they are the brains behind our creative posters, website and photos at all our events!

From left to right: Zhi Cong, Kai Hong, Megan, Zaidi, Nicholas

2. Malaysia's Economic Update Talk

We'd like to thank Datuk SK Lingam from Malaysian Link UK for extending an invite to GenCorporate to attend an insightful talk by Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid Omar about Malaysia's economic progress. We had a great time attending the talk!

3. Evening with Dato' Rohana Rozhan

Tea Session

20 lucky students were given the privilege to mingle over tea with Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad senior management at Browns Covent Garden where they were graced with the presence of Dato' Rohana Rozhan, the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Liew See Lin, the Chief Commercial Officer, Datuk David Yap, the Vice President Community Affairs and Iskandar Samad, the CEO and Head of Strategy of RAKU (Radio Aku). The intimate session allowed participants to ask questions in an informal setting and get to know these corporate figures personally. Besides that, the participants also got the chance to learn about the company and what it's like to work in a prominent broadcasting company in Malaysia.

Speaker Series

Following the tea session, a Speaker Series with Dato' Rohana was in order. Dato' Rohana started by sharing stories of her childhood and how it was mostly around boys and now many years later she is still surrounded mostly by men which led to the subject of gender equality. Dato' Rohana believes that all women are capable of becoming corporate leaders and how women should not feel the need to conform to gender roles set by society which left young ladies in the room in awe. Besides that, Dato' Rohana hopes that the large pool of talented Malaysian youngsters would help improve the broadcasting in Malaysia with their creativity and originality and bring it to greater heights. Towards the end a question and answer session was open to the floor where Dato' Rohana answered various question from the future of the Malaysian broadcasting industry, to how Astro is developing and using television as a tool for educating young children and even what students should do to get the best out of university life! All in all it was a very insightful session that ended with plenty of students taking photos of our celebrity of the day - Dato' Rohana. It was a pleasure to have such a confident charismatic figure to inspire us all.

4. VC101 Startup Speaker Series

In collaboration with the LSESU Investment Society, GenCorporate launched the VC101 Startup Speaker Series where leaders of successful start ups are brought to talk to students who aspire to be successful entrepreneurs. The first panel hosted three representatives from successful companies – Dmitry Aksenov (Digital Genius), Michael Rolph (YOYO Wallet), Aneesh Varma (Aire). 

The founders shared their various experiences including their success and failures as well as the challenges that they have had to face. They emphasized the importance of creativity and active efforts in breaking into existing markets while also creating new markets in the FinTech industry. Students also had the opportunity to ask questions ranging from company strategies in expanding market influence to the respective views on the success of equity crowdfunding in start ups. The event was a great success and students left the event feeling more informed and motivated to be involved in the field.

5. Kickstart London Launch Event

Kickstart London is the first cross university student-run entrepreneurship programme. The launch of the programme was met with a great response with a great turnout of enthusiastic students from UCL, Imperial College and LSE. Introduction to the structure of the programme was made by the organisers. Successful applicants will be matched into teams and will be provided with many workshops and guidance from various experts in the entrepreneurship scene. The programme will run throughout the academic year and students will also have the opportunity to pitch to accelerators at the end of the programme.

The programme kicked off with a panel session consisting of four founders from start up companies who shared useful insight and advice. GenCorporate is proud to have future collaborations with Kickstart London in making this programme a success. Applications will be open soon for students who are in search of the right people with skills to bring their ideas to life.

6. Infinite Venture Positions Available

Infinite Ventures provides pre-seed funding and hands-on guidance to high growth startups in sectors such as on-demand and e-commerce. Twice a year, we invest RM50,000 to RM100,000 into high potential ideas and teams to build their  startups. Existing companies include LaundryDone, Ittify, LocalUsher, weSTYLEasia and more. 

If you’re interested in the startup scene or want to build your own startup, we’re  looking for talents who would want to step out of the box to enter an  unconventional career.

Positions Available

We are looking for scalable ideas with entrepreneurs that are passionate and are  able to execute ideas into businesses. If you feel that you have a game-changing  idea and the right team to execute this, apply to us at

Startup Manager
Our startup management team works closely with startups we accelerate. You will oversee our startups while brainstorming with the team to solve problems. You'll gain insight on how startups work, day-to-day management and work at lightning speed.

Project Manager
Our Project management team works in high-performance environments. You  have strong structuring and analytical skills combined with a hands-on attitude.  Incredible attention to detail and ability to anticipate and head-off potential  project delays is a must. 

You are very passionate about online startups and have deep interest in  developing businesses. Different from a startup manager, you will be hands-on in  the operational teams of different startups gaining experiences of day-to-day  operations and problem solving scenarios for specific startups. You will rotate every 2-3 months to a new venture with different challenges and business models.

You are interested in the startup scene and want to gain some insightful experience. Aside from working on beanbags, you’ll be able to understand different industries that our startups are in while learning the key principles of starting a startup.

For all positions please email your CV to

7. KPMG ASEAN Scholarship

Please find out more at the link above if you are interested in applying.

Thank you to everyone who have attended and supported our events. We look forward to seeing even more of you in these upcoming events!

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