A warm welcome to GenCorportate’s first newsletter for the 2017/2018 term! We hope you are excited for our upcoming events that we have specially organized for you. Before we give you a glimpse of what’s coming up, here is a recap of our events in the lovely month of November!

1. Welcoming the new team!


On the 12th of November, GC’s existing directors along with the newly recruited executives and with some of GC’s alumni had the opportunity to have a tea session with our honorary advisor, Datuk SK Lingam at Browns, Covent garden.


Datuk showered his words of wisdom to the crowd of young individuals hoping to inspire them to become the leaders of tomorrow. In addition to interacting with our honorary advisor, the directors and executives also got to chat with GC’s alumni, They shared ideas and innovations to further enhance this organization’s future development.


By applying what have been learnt during this meeting, we hope the best is yet to come to GenCorporate!

2. Interview Workshop 101

Interview 101 Workshop.jpg

GC with collaboration with MACFIS! 

Introducing our first event for the 17/18 academic year  - the Interview Workshop 101!


The first session of our workshop kicked off with a walk-through of what each speaker’s respective firms generally look for during recruitment, from the application process to tips and tricks and case studies. In the second session, we carried out reverse interview as a means to further understand what the look for when recruiting.

We are eager to know what kind of events you’re looking forward to and we aim to bring it all out and present it to you! Just let us know what you think simply by filling in the form  below!

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