Welcome to the new academic year! We hope you had a wonderful summer. The GenCorporate team had been busy all summer organising events back in Malaysia and trying to line up exciting events for the 2018/2019 term. Now, let us introduce to you our new directors for 2018/2019 term and provide an overview of all our events for the past term. 

1. Introducing the Directors 2018/2019

Deputy Chairperson Office

Arijey Sura

Legal & Secretariat Office

Terence Khoo

Branding & Strategy Office

Melanie Lim

Deputy Chairperson Office

Aaron Lau

International Initiatives Office

Yan Wan Foo

Branding & Strategy Office

Stefanie Ng

Deputy Chairperson Office

Sarah Chong

International Initiatives Office

Brenda Lim

Finance & Corporate Relations Office

Nicole Yap

Public Relations & Outreach Office

Iza Elina

2. Flagship Events: GIF & CL

On 24th February 2018, GenCorporate hosted its annual flagship event, GenCorporate International Forum (GIF). The event’s theme for the year was ‘Beyond the Information Age’. It involved various figures from renowned companies, such as  HSBC, Accenture, RBS, Standard Chartered, BT, Ketchum, BIGCrowd. Journalists who are well versed in the topic were also invited to speak at the event.

One month later, GenCorporate hosted its second annual flagship event, Corporate Luncheon. This year’s Corporate Luncheon hosted 18 different famous corporate firms from Malaysia, including Mah Sing, KPMG, Prudential, Maybank and UMW. The event also had the pleasure of having  Dato’ Nizar Najib from Deloitte as a moderator for the forum section of the event.

Click here to find out more about our flagship events!

3. Malaysia Career Week Events

In the month of March, GenCorporate hosted three events with companies such as Maybank (18th March), KPMG (21st March) and Mah Sing (22nd March), each centered around a networking session with representatives of each company.

For the Maybank event, besides getting the opportunity to meet Maybank’s Human Resource Head of Transformation, Azri Fikry, and General Manager Ismail Haron, the event had a twist as it was held on board a boat on the River Thames in London.


During “An Exclusive Evening with KPMG Malaysia”, participants not only got the opportunity to meet the two KPMG partners, Adrian Lee and Ahmad Nasri Abdul Wahab, who shared their experience working at KPMG, they also enjoyed a fancy dinner at Côte Brasserie, St. Paul’s.


For the collaboration with Mah Sing Group, participants were joined by the lovely Rachel Leong, Mah Sing Group’s Director and Chen Fong Tuan, Mah Sing Group’s Chief People Officer.

4. Summer Events in Malaysia

During the summer of 2018 (June-September), GenCorporate hosted a number of events with the Malaysian companies it had partnered with in UK.


Starting off with Maybank, GenCorporate collaborated with Maybank to host a case study event, titled “The Roaring Revolution”, on Saturday, 4th August 2018, at Menara Maybank. The theme of the case study was centred on the 4th Industrial Revolution.


The next event was hosted in conjunction with KPMG Malaysia on Thursday, 16th August 2018. It was a series of talks by representatives of KPMG, centred around the title of “Emerging Tech, Data & Cyber Defence with KPMG Malaysia”.


Lastly, Mah Sing Group partnered with GenCorporate to host an event called “Reinventing Your Future with Mah Sing”, on Friday, 7th September 2018. The event took place at an exclusive new Mah Sing project in Southville City KL, where participants got a preview of Mah Sing’s ‘Arts and Lights Campaign” before it was available for public viewing.

5. GenCorporate Recruitment Drive

The #GCRecruitmentDrive has launched and is in full force - we are officially welcoming all applicants for the year 2018/2019. The #GCFamily values bright minds with diverse skill sets hence we welcome ALL applicants regardless of course and/or year of study. We're looking forward to meeting driven, energetic, passionate individuals aspiring to further develop our mission. Deadline for applications is at 11:59PM, Sunday, 21st October 2018. For more information, follow us on Facebook!

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Thank you to everyone who have attended and supported our events. We look forward to seeing even more of you in these upcoming events!

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