8 Reasons to be at Corporate Luncheon

1. You get the chance to suit up!

Gentleman, we know you love putting on suits as influenced by Barney of How I Met Your Mother or if you’re looking to be more impressive, do emulate Harvey Specter and impress us all. As for the ladies, who doesn’t love men in suits? *wink*

2. Dining with CEOs from the top companies in Malaysia.

When else would you get the chance to sit and pick the brains of the people that run Malaysia’s economy right?

3. The chance to network and meet new people.

Meeting new people seems daunting but after reading the previous GC Insider article, ‘The Subtle Art of Networking’ you should be good to go. 100 people in a room you might not know yet, add them on Facebook, who knows you might be walking down the aisle all thanks to GenCorporate!

4. Brushing up your networking skills.

Ya I know, the big question is how do I talk to strangers? What do I say without sounding silly? Well practice makes perfect and if you’re aiming to be the next big thing in Malaysia’s Corporate world you need to master the art of talking to people you just met a couple of seconds ago!

5. You get to meet Keeshan, one of our finance executives who has successfully mastered the ever so popular Tyra Banks 'smize'.

If you do bump into him here are a few suggestions. First, ask him tips on how to perfect that smize. Next, ask him to take a picture with you and last but not least take a picture of him from afar to take home as Corporate Luncheon memories!

6. Meeting inspiring people

People who have worked their way up the corporate ladder is sure to leave you motivated. With exams coming and everything else going on, keep those CEOs in your mind and vision yourself as them in a couple of years! 20 years from now, when all of your efforts and hard work has paid off and you’re the big boss at multinational companies and you get invited by GenCorporate to be the Corporate VIPs you can begin by saying, 20 years ago I was in your shoes dining with other people!

7. You get to explore future possibilities

You may be young and clueless like me so attending Corporate Luncheon will give you the chance to mingle with corporates who have been through it all, and perhaps you would have a clearer idea of where you would like to venture into post degree. If you still don’t have a clue after Corporate Luncheon, don’t worry the world is constantly changing new ideas are formed everyday so you’ll leave more informed and open to endless possibilities.

8. Free breakfast and lunch at the Lancaster Hotel

Yup you read that right, we got two of your meals for the day covered! As a student, it’s totally understood that dining at a hotel would be something you can only ever imagine but fret not by attending Corporate Luncheon your tummy would be filled at no cost, so you can put away that packet of maggi and save it for exam week!

Written by:


is a petite sized girl who studies law at The University of Exeter.


A perpetual dreamer who loves handbags, as well as the company of family and friends! Career wise, she can't wait to see what the future holds in store.

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