Tan Sri Francis Yeoh

Managing Director of YTL Corporation

GenCorporate welcomed Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Managing Director of YTL Corporation, for the latest installment of our Speaker Series. Tan Sri Francis, a revolutionary entrepreneur in the infrastructure industry, shared his experience in the industry as well as his successful business strategies that led to the rapid growth of YTL. YTL, originally a small construction company, is now one of the largest companies in Malaysia with seven subsidiaries. With a clear monopoly of the infrastructure industry and the absence of a strong competitor, YTL looks like a company that is here for the long haul.


The attendees learnt a great deal regarding YTL’s business culture and the importance of entrepreneurial activity in our increasingly globalized world. Tan Sri Francis talked about the long journey that led to his and YTL’s success. It all came down to hard work, bold ideas, and well-taken opportunities, most notably the Starhill project during an economic slowdown and the construction of Capers in Sentul, an area stereotyped as unsavoury.


Tan Sri Francis emphasized the significance of youth development, especially in emerging economies such as Malaysia. His advice for fresh graduates was to learn the three languages promoted within YTL: the language of God, the language of man, and the language of machines. With these three languages, he believes anyone can succeed. His inspirational advice left the students in attendance eager to pursue their aspirations.


A truly diverse individual, Tan Sri Francis even had time to present his views on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The rational, educated audience particularly enjoyed this part of his presentation, which was followed by a stimulating Question & Answer session. The Q&A session led to the discussion of issues such as environmental hazards caused by the infrastructure industry and the importance of creating a work-life balance. Overall, the event was a huge success with an overwhelming level of attendance.

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