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The Future of Law

On the 5th of November 2019, GenCorporate, in collaboration with KPUM, organized a panel discussion featuring ‘The Future of Law’. We were delighted to have Mr. Jason Teng, Mr. Sam Folley, Ms. Bertilla Chow and Ms. Edwina Morgan to joined us as panelists. The panel was of a diverse background, race, and gender individuals that seeks to deliver a deep insight to our participants in regard to the topic. The discussion centered on the theme of Legal technology with some views on Alternative Legal Service Provider. That said, attendees got a better view of what technology is currently adopted by the panelists’ respective firms and what are the threats of using it. The demystification of legal technology replacing traditional work in the near future also calms the uncertainty of the students and hopefully, shapes their view of the future of law.


The event kickstarted at 6 pm and ended with a networking session. The size of the event speaks that all of our participants stand a chance to engage with at least one of our panelists personally. The event was successfully held and we wish to see everyone again.

Photos from Events

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