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VC101 Startup Speaker Series

In collaboration with the LSESU Investment Society, GenCorporate hosted the VC101 Startup Speaker Series where leaders of successful startups were brought to talk to students who aspire to be successful entrepreneurs. The event hosted three representatives from some of the most successful and cutting edge startups in FinTech and big data optimization..














The founders shared their experiences including their successes and failures as wellas the challenges that they have had to face. They emphasized the importance of creativity and the need for an active effort to break into existing markets as well as creating new ones. Students also had the opportunity to ask questions ranging from company strategies in expanding market influence to their respective views on the success of equity crowdfunding in startups. The event was a great success and students left the event more informed and motivated to be involved in the field.

From left to right: Dmiitry Aksenov (Digital Genius), Michael Rolph (YOYO Wallet) and Aneesh Varma (Aire).

Photos from Events

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