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An organization built on transformational theories to bridge the transition of Malaysian tertiary students into corporate careers. Recognizing the importance of encouraging corporate-youth synergy, GenCorporate represents aspiring young Malaysian professionals currently pursuing tertiary education in British Universities and provides UK wide networking platforms for idea ignitions and career developments.

GenCorporate takes pride in our egalitarian idea sharing culture, yet meritocratic built in centering sustainable goals and mission implementation. A startup orientated towards long-term goals, GenCorporate aims to reinforce overarching values and goals by aligning internal structures and system to centralize open idea sharing, and pioneers in changing paradigms.




Develop the

future leaders

of malaysia

Enhance employabillity


networking opportunities

Encourage corporate-youth synergy

Invite prominent speakers

to share their corporate

journey and encourage

students to be brave in

venturing the corporate


From events to speaker

series to workshops,

everything we plan is for

the future leaders of


Organise workshops

ranging from soft skills

to networking

opportunities to improve

students' inner strength. 

Organise our very own

GIF and CL annually,

aiming to provide a

platform for students and

corporate leaders to


GIF 2021

GenCorporate is proud to present the GenCorporate International Forum (GIF) 2021 with the theme of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This year we will focus on the changes that IR 4.0 brings about to everyday lives and its compounding effects on the Finance and Consulting Industry. 


This two-day event includes multiple interactive panel discussions, a case study and Q&A sessions.

27th and 28th March 2021 (Saturday and Sunday)

Zoom (link provided before event)

Image by Anthony Tyrrell


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Stranger to none, Samsung has

been regarded as a pioneering

multinational conglomerate, leading

in a wide range of industries

and diverse areas, most notably

in the electronics and IT industry.


A sponsor of GenCorporate,

Samsung and GenCorporate have

also collaborated on numerous

projects, most notably in our GC

Samsung Event which hones our

participants' ability to innovate,

experimenting and tinkering

around with fresh ideas.

Samsung will also be joining

GenCorporate in our upcoming

flagship annual event,

GenCorporate International

Forum 2021 (GIF 2021)

where they will be designing and

setting the case study for participants. 

GenCorporate is proud to have Khazanah Nasional Berhad as one of our strategic partners. Since the commencement of its operations in 1994, Khazanah undertakes the role in managing the Government's commercial assets and investing in strategic and high-technology sectors.

This year GenCorporate has worked with Khazanah on many occasions, including the recruitment for the Graduan Trainee Programme, which has been well received. We also celebrate a promising number of participation of undergraduate students in the Khazanah Internship Programme, particularly in the areas of Investments, Research Legal, Special Projects and Human Resources. 




Tan Sri Anthony Fernandes

Introducing the Patron of GenCorporate, an inspirational corporate figure that shares and supports our visionary mission in creating new generations of skilled professionals, the esteemed Tan Sri Anthony Fernandes. As the CEO of Tune Group, Air Asia Berhad, Chairman of Queens Park Rangers and founder of Caterham F1 Formula One Team, Tan Sri Anthony Fernandes has been awarded the “Malaysian CEO of the Year 2003” by American Express and Business Times, the “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” in the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Awards” in 2003, and named 2010 Forbes Asia Businessman of the Year”. Tan Sri Anthony Fernandes pioneers the realization of impactful ideas, and remains the forefront of corporate leadership.



Datuk SK Lingam

Introducing the Advisor of GenCorporate, an international corporate consultant that shares and supports our visionary mission in creating new generations of skilled professionals, the esteemed Datuk SK Lingam. As the president and founding member of ASEAN UK Business Forum (AUBF) and the founding member and first Chairman of Malaysian Link UK (MLUK), Datuk SK Lingam has gained many awards and accolades such as the Book Prize by the University of London for International Law and Affairs. As an international corporate consultant, he has represented many major Asian-based companies seeking investment and trading opportunities in the UK, Africa and in Europe. Datuk SK Lingam pioneers the realization of impactful ideas, and remains the forefront of corporate leadership

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