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Lawyers V Machines:
Disruption of Legal Sector 

On the 21st of March 2019, GenCorporate spearheaded the first law event, 'Lawyer v Machines: Disruption in the Legal Sector' in collaboration with KPUM at Park City Grand Plaza Kensington, London. The main objective of the event was to provide a platform of discussion between lawyers in different industries to disseminate information and insights on how technological advancements have impacted the legal sector to the audience consisting mainly of law students who recognised the importance of legal technology and its relevance in the practical world. 

The event kick-started with the opening remarks delivered by the honourable Datuk SK Lingam on ‘Technology in Malaysian Courts drawing comparative examples of issues faced in British courts with the advent of Technology’ which was then complemented by a panel discussion between Puan Fara Mohammad, Mrs Cathy Mattis, Mr Dave Vasoodaven, and Mr Jason Teng. The audience was given the opportunity to direct more specific questions to the panel, leading to a more interactive engagement. The event ended with a networking session while the participants enjoyed the dinner provided. As a whole, the event was a success thanks to the collaborative efforts between GenCorporate and KPUM.

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