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GC x Samsung Engagement Event :
Virtual Escape Room  

GenCorporate launched an engagement event with Samsung Malaysia on the 14th of September 2021 with the objective of exposing participants to Malaysian history, using the escape room idea as a form of interaction with participants. Participants get to sign up in teams, or individually, which will then be assigned to teams.


The event started off with a brief introduction of Samsung, which was followed by them being assigned into breakout rooms according to their groups where the ice-breaking session was conducted. During the event, they are required to crack puzzles and answer quizzes prepared by GenCorporate’s members, while learning about Malaysian history and challenges faced by our leaders in building our country. The winner of the teams are decided based on the time of completion and the number of puzzles solved. The event concluded with a short speech from the representatives from Samsung, followed by an award ceremony to the winning team. 

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