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Gencorporate International Forum 2018

Aiming to be the international initiative by GenCorporate, GenCorporate International Forum (GIF) took place at Park Plaza Victoria London on the 24th February 2018. This year's theme was ‘Beyond the Information Age', which revolved the discussion of transcending innovations and society's transformative perceptions around the world. Speakers who were involved came from a wide variety of companies such as HSBC, Accenture, RBS, Standard Chartered, BT, Ketchum, BIGCrowd as well as journalists.


The Forum was divided into two parts where the first panel, titled ‘Transcending Innovations’, discussing about the advancement of technology and its impact upon businesses, its application into businesses and how employees have to adapt to these changes.


The second panel, titled ‘Transformative Perceptions’. It discussed the significance of public image and perceptions that are becoming increasingly important in the age of social media and how various economic, political and social issues in this era has caused their impact to be greatly felt upon public image of corporations. The panel also discussed about the social role of companies and how it tackles the problems of social responsibilities and public image management.

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