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Gencorporate International Forum 2019


On the 16th of March 2019, GenCorporate successfully held its flagship event, Artificial Intelligence: Tomorrow is Today which centred on Artificial Intelligence as its name suggested, especially in finance and legal industries from 10am to 4pm at The Montague on the Gardens. Participants were conferred the opportunity to listen to the keynote speech delivered and subsequently solve AI-related problems in challenging case studies based on real life information with helpful guidance from professionals from various backgrounds including Finance, Healthcare, Legal and Media Industries and a panel of judges gave feedback on their presentation, lending deeper insights by experts in the field. 


It was followed by a panel discussion, which exposed the participants to the speakers’ background, their experiences in AI-related fields, especially in terms of incorporation and implementation of AI to maximise efficiency and the barriers of entry and exit. The panel discussion also addressed issues of its limitations and drawbacks, with emphasis on the possible measures to improve on cyber security protection and wider implications on the society, especially employment and accountability issues. The event was an overall success, and ended with a casual networking session. 

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